Moving tips

Moving tips, planning, notify, organise


A smooth move all comes down to planning. Planning will enable you to make your transition to your new location as stress-free as possible. Our guidelines below will assist you.

+One month to go
  • Notify friends and family of your new address
  • Notify people and organisations such as your accountant, bank, doctor, dentist and your gas, electricity, telecommunications and insurance companies of your change of address
  • Change your address for any clubs or subscriptions, obtain doctor and school records
  • Organise goods for disposal or hold a garage sale
  • Book A&R Removals and organise insurance
  • Start a file on your move
  • Check house, attic, under house, garden and sheds etc for goods to be taken
  • Make travel arrangements, or if driving, ensure car is in top condition
  • Organise postal redirection
  • Contact electoral office and the council if you have any animals registered with them
  • Create a moving pack where you keep any important documents and other items (such as necessary medicines) that are not to be packed
+Two weeks to go
  • Finalise A&R Removals' pickup date, complete paperwork
  • Request packing cartons if required and start packing, label each carton with room and contents
  • Arrange method of payment with A&R Removals
  • Arrange for pet shipment
  • Confirm travel plans
  • Collect loaned goods and return any borrowed items
  • Collect dry cleaning
  • Organise disconnection of services to house
  • Organise connection of services to new home
  • Ensure loose items on boats or trailers are packed away securely
+One week to go
  • Dispose of old medicines and flammable items
  • Pack cases
  • Arrange for curtains, rods, shelves and TV antennas to be dismantled
  • Arrange babysitter for moving day
  • Arrange cleaner for new home, and the move-out day in your current home
  • Transport car to new location, finalise arrangements
  • If possible obtain street directory to new home location
  • Cancel any deliveries
  • Drain gas/petrol from various containers
  • Remove batteries from devices
+Pre move day
  • Empty and defrost fridge, dispose of food
  • Leave out utensils and food for meals next day
  • Finish packing, ensure valuables are with you and any travel documents.
  • If A&R Removals are packing your goods they will be there as well
  • Leave forwarding details for landlord/new tenant
  • Notify police/neighbours should house be vacant for longer term
+Moving day
  • Be present to instruct A&R Removals
  • Collect house keys and store in safe place
  • Check constantly that all has been packed
  • Check and sign inventory
  • Turn off lights, taps and lock house
+New Home
  • Confirm delivery details, contact numbers with A&R Removals
  • Do walkthrough inspection of new home, especially if renting
  • Be present when unloading and placement of furniture is to happen
  • Check for damage or missing items
  • Check electricity and other services are connected. Ensure hot water and power are on
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